New Props in The Shop!

Hello blog reading lovelies…man oh man, it’s been one of those weeks! Busy busy busy, at home, at work, in life…you name it, it’s probably contributing to me running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my poor blog. Only one post in a week?? That’s just silliness. Did you miss me? I missed blogging for sure. Don’t worry, I won’t always be such a blogging slacker…but sometimes I just have to step back and get some other aspects of life back under control.

So, with things getting checked off my to-do list left and right today, I finally had time to post some new props in The Prop Shop! I’m telling you, I’m having to restrain myself from acquiring too many props for my tiny little apartment to hold. If I had unlimited space, plus a truck that could move big pieces of furniture…well, that would be AMAZING. I looove that show American Pickers…which might explain my fascination with props. But for now, it’s just me and my little apartment and little car, so I’m trying to only get things that I can either display in my apartment or fit in the giant steamer trunk in my living room. I think I’m reaching capacity on bigger props, so I may have to stick to accessories for awhile. Ah well…someday I will have more room!

Check out the new stuff (plus all the other stuff already in The Shop), and if you’ve got a shoot with me coming up, don’t forget to let me know what you want me to bring to the shoot. Recent requests have included the Brick Red “W” and  the Yellow Frame…can’t wait to see how they turn out! And don’t forget that you can bring your own props too! The Prop Shop is just the place to start, but if you look around your house, you’ll probably be amazed at how many things would look amazing in a photo shoot.

Alright, that’s all you get for now. 🙂 Sorry if this post was a bit rambly…I’m pretty tired from all this to-do list checking off that’s been going on. I might have to hit the hay pretty soon so I have the energy to tackle the list again tomorrow. Goodnight all!


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