Hello | And My To-Do List

It’s 10:00pm, and I am headed to bed, but I just wanted to say hello! I have been a blogging slacker this last week…I don’t really have a good excuse either. The weekend was pretty packed because I was home in Malabar (more on that later), but other than that it’s been business as usual. I guess sometimes I just have to step back and recharge the creative batteries. I’ve been working on some longer blog posts and doing lots of brainstorming in between living in a cubicle and putting ointment in Lexie’s eye (more on that later as well)…so plenty of fun things to come. Oh, and I have acquired some excellent new props for The Prop Shop, and they shall make their appearance hopefully this weekend. My weekend to-do list is getting kind of out of control, but I am fully confident that I will accomplish all of it. What the hey…I’ll share it with you!

Wendy’s Weekend To-Do List

1. Get oil changed in my car. (Absolute must. My car has been flashing an angry light at me for two weeks now.)

2. Prepare auction item for Noche de Gala. (Stay tuned for more info on this…kind of really excited to be part of this!)

3. Choose a photo shoot location for a mid-morning family shoot. (Mid-morning means less-than-perfect light, but this family sounds awesome so it will be totally worth it. Just gotta find somewhere super sweet with lots of open shade…oh, and it can’t be somewhere near roads, because there are little ones involved. Any suggestions?)

4. Post new items in The Prop Shop!

5. Shop for a new phone. (I’m stepping into the digital age…smart phone here I come!!)

6. Take old prom/bridesmaid dresses to Sandy’s Savvy Chic Resale Boutique and make some dough to buy new clothes. (I have amassed a collection of formal, floor length dresses that rivals Katherine Heigl’s 27 dresses. 5 times a bridesmaid, 4 times a prom date, and throw in a few other dresses from various occassions….yeah, that adds up fast! Oh, and if any of the lovely ladies who I was a bridesmaid for are reading this…don’t worry, I loved each and every one of your dresses, but sadly, I do not fit in said dresses anymore. Sad, but true. Considering two of them were from when I was 19, I’m going to choose not to feel too badly about this fact. No one is the same size as when they were 19…right??)

6. Go to Forever 21 and buy pretty hair accessories (maybe this or this? or what about this?) for a shoot this weekend with TWO, count ’em, TWO brides…and a lot of water. (Can you say EXCITED??)

7. Cheer on my Gator boys as they kick some Kentucky arse on Saturday. (Well, cross your fingers on this one…they might need it…)

8. Edit photos. (This one is a given and is on every weekend’s to-do list these days. Definitely not complaining. Just sayin’.)

Phew! That was kind of exhausting just typing it all out. BUT…and that’s a big but…it’s all good stuff. (Except the oil change. That’s just necessary.) I’m loving everything going on with the business these days…the trick is just finding the time to do everything! Eh, it always manages to work itself out and I somehow get everything done. 🙂

And with that, I’ll leave you with a photo from my trip home this weekend. (Many more to come!)


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