Addicted | The Prettiness

I have an addiction…a consuming, overwhelming, have-to-have-my-fix-or-I-just-won’t-make-it-through-the-day addiction. This thing that has taken over my life, crawled into every crevasse of my mind, and taken over my thoughts. It’s something my mind turns to constantly throughout the day, waiting for the moment when I will get my next fix. If I had to go a day without some form of it, I might go crazy.

Hello, my name is Wendy and I am addicted to prettiness. (Had you worried there for a sec, didn’t I? Hehe. Mom, you can stop panicking. It’s allll good. 🙂 )

I’m addicted to prettiness in ANY form…and sometimes the things I consider pretty seem odd to you, but I’m using a loose interpretation of pretty.

  • A castle in the Swiss Alps is pretty (in the Cinderella sense of the word).
  • The fabric covered corkboards all over my cubicle walls are pretty (in the I-must-have-something-lovely-around-me-at-all-times sense of the word).
  • My beta fish Finny is pretty (in the flippity floppity sense of the word).
  • My dog Lexie is pretty (in the she’s-so-pretty-she-almost-looks-human sense of the word).
  • The clothes I’m wearing today are pretty (in the purple sense of the word).
  • Photographs are pretty (in the beautiful moment sense of the word).
  • Anything crafty is pretty (in the how-in-the-world-did-someone-make-something-that-lovely-with-their-own-two-hands sense of the word).
  • Fog settling over an open field is pretty (in the mysterious beauty sense of the word).
  • A killer pair of heels is pretty (in the art-for-your-feet sense of the word).

I could go on and on…so many things are pretty!! I need prettiness around me all the time…which is why I decorated my cubicle with lovely things…why I am constantly crafting things or buying things to make my apartment prettier…why I love reality shows like America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway…why I shop too much…why I visit so many creative blogs every day…why I love Europe…

…and why I fell in love with photography.

I get to capture the pretty. I get to share the pretty. I get to experience the pretty, and then I get to ride the pretty high for days after. It allll makes sense now.

So today, I’ll share my pretty fix with you lovely people. These are a few things I just think are pretty today (in the obvious sense of the word). I’d love to hear what you think is pretty. Post a link in the comment section to something that gave you your pretty fix today. Then, when I’m craving the pretty, I will know where to go for more!


Isn’t this clothesline of flower photos just lovely? It was part of the decoration at a Canadian wedding shot by Jamie Delaine. Check out more of this wedding where it was featured on Ruffled.

Mixed Patterns | Blue & Green

Photo by Candice K, via Style Me Pretty

I love mixing and matching patterns when I decorate. Stripes and polka dots side by side? Yes please! A little baroque pattern thrown in for good measure? Love it! I also love love love the colors blue and green together. That combo is totally “preppy pretty,” and it puts me in the mood for my pearls and Sperry’s.


Photo by Jasmine Star

Ever since my friend Laura said she wanted to use succulents in her wedding last year, I’ve been fascinated with these kind of weird but totally pretty plants. I wasn’t really familiar with them before, but now I feel like I notice them everywhere. I’ve seen them used a bunch of different ways for wedding decor, but in a bouquet? What a gorgeous, unique touch!


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