Baby Katherine | Gainesville Photographer

I love this family! I took Katherine’s 2 month old photos, and I was so excited when Matt and Ann wanted me to do her 6 month photos as well. However, the combo of busy schedules and a poorly timed cold turned it into a 7 month old shoot. I actually am kind of glad we got to wait an extra month, because with babies, every month adds a new expression to their face. I mean, just look at all the fun looks Katherine was shooting my way. It’s like she new I was taking photos and wanted to give me some variety! Smart kid…or future model. 😉 

Other fun things to note about this shoot…I got a few of these photos using some lovely window light streaming inside, and then we got the outside family photos done with seconds to spare before some crazy rain hit. So, alot of the shoot was inside while it was dark outside and raining…which means there wasn’t much window light coming in. But, we got creative with the light we had and made it work (Tim Gunn style!). Take that, crazy rain! You can’t mess up my shoots. Ha!


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