Who Are You? | Some Friday Prettiness

Hello blog reading lovelies! This is kind of random, but it’s a Friday and I’m feeling punchy, so just roll with me for a minute. This will be fun…I promise!

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now (Oct. 30 will be my blog-aversary!), and it’s been fun seeing my readership stats go up over the year. (It’s crazy too…you guys keep coming back…amazing!) Some of you sweet people have been so kind as to tell me you’ve been following my blog, and I must admit…I get all giddy when I find out someone has been paying attention to little old me and this here blog! 🙂  

Call me curious, but I’m just wondering who all you lovely people are! I see how many blog hits I get each day, and I’m not gonna lie…I always wonder if they were all my mom, or if someone else out there is taking time to stop by and check things out.

So, here’s the dealio…if you would be so kind to indulge my curiousity, I’d LOVE love looove it if you would leave a comment saying who you are, how old you are, and how you spend your day. I definitely borrowed this idea from the uber-talented Promise Tangeman (make sure to visit her site…her creativity BLOWS ME AWAY), and while I know for a fact she has a whole slew of followers I would be lucky to ever have, I thought I could see what kind of response I could muster up in my little corner of the world. Soooo…who are you??? 🙂

And because I didn’t want your Friday to be devoid of prettiness, enjoy looking at these sweet flowers I had fun photographing in St. Louis back in May.


14 thoughts on “Who Are You? | Some Friday Prettiness

  1. Lina Suarez

    You obviously know who I am, but to indulge your curiosity here I go:
    I spend my days working at the Pentagon since I’m currently working on the Marine Corps account. When things get hectic and I need to withdraw for reality for a bit, I visit your blog. Thank you for all the wonderful posts!

  2. Once_a_King

    Using my Twitter pseudonym, I report that I always read your blog — and am usually blown away at how the English major value-adds to her photography blog through such lovely prose every day. That is probably half the reason people come back so often!

    However, the pictures are the central draw, of course. Always stunning. Funny to say but my favorite recent picture was the beautiful bowl of yellow lemons! Striking.

  3. Beverly Livesay

    Hi Anwen, I am Bay, and I found you while searching the “Women in Photography” website. I think I am 25, but if you count backwards to when I was born I guess I’m really 60, but who’s counting, eh? Photography has always been my first love, in fact, that love led me to pursue a degree in “Painting and Printmaking” at Virginia Commonwealth University. Some of my work is posted on my Facebook page. I Realllllly Love going on photowalks, just never know what lovelies I’ll find and download when I get home! Best regards, Bay

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Hi Bay! Love your name! It’s nice to “meet” you. I’ll definitely take a look at your work on your facebook page…love getting to see what kind of loveliness other people are creating. 🙂

  4. Danae

    Hey Wendy- of coarse i read your blog whenever i get on facebook… your cleverness and your spunk always cheer me up. Your photography has become the “prettiness” of my day- since the rest of my day isn’t so pretty sitting in an office. So thanks again! 🙂 Love you!

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Danae!! 🙂 So happy you read my blog! What office is this you have to sit in all day?? We need a catch-up chat soon…actually…even better! I’ll be in Palm Bay next weekend…let’s hang out!

  5. Clara

    Hey Wendy! I love your blog. Your eye for beauty is inspiring. You know how I spend my day, being an ueber helpful HR Director hoping to save employees from disengagement. 🙂 Oh, and getting healthy of course. Thanks for your blog and your transparency – I love it!

  6. Kristin

    Wendy! You know me of course! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog best friend! I know I don’t call you enough but I feel like when I can read your blog I at least feel like I still get to talk to you! And your photography is AMAZING. I really miss you so much. You add so much Loveliness to my life, you always have even before you were a photographer! I love you!

  7. Susan

    Hi Wendy,

    I was introduced to your blog by a friend who used to work with you (C.B.). She posted a link to your website on FaceBook and I was excited to read it. We have used a local “amateur” photographer in the past for our children’s photos. She has recently relocated to NJ, so we’re at a loss. We’re stuck using studios for now. I was thrilled to see her post about you, and as I read about your sessions, it was a very similar setup to what we were used to, with the photos on CD. I decided to check out your blog again today and see if I could request a family session. I’ll send you a separate message with details, but wanted to leave my comment to tell you who I am and how I found you! So happy to see your awesome talent!!

  8. Mom

    I can’t wait each day to see what beautiful pictures you have put up and to read your interesting blogs – a highlight of my day!

  9. Liesl

    Hi Wendy! I only visit a few blogs regularly, and yours is one of them! I especially love the posts with babies and weddings!! How can those not make you smile?

  10. Carly

    I’m late to this, but I’m Carly and I met you at the Courtney Fries photography workshop. I’m Caroline’s mama! I’m 29 (ugggghhh!!!) and I used to be a full time lawyer, but now I’m a full time mom with a little lawyering on the side. I adore the pictures you took of my baby girl, so I keep coming back to your blog. I think you’re very talented. Plus, I miss Gainesville something terrible. Go Gators!

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