Moat Wedding Part 1 | Gainesville Photographer

This past Saturday I got to third-shoot (that’s right, you can actually third-shoot!) Rich and Matthew’s wedding with Lindsey Tropf in Orlando. We knew the ceremony and reception were being held at some mysterious place called Entrelagos…but it wouldn’t come up on Google, so we were wondering what kind of place this was. Turns out, it’s a private mansion, complete with ornate carvings everywhere you look, a round library that looks like it’s straight out of Harry Potter, chandeliers all over the place, and a pool with a bridge and a slide. Oh yeah…this place was awesome. The woman who owns it actually lives in Hong Kong, so it’s only lived in about a month of each year. I kept overhearing people say, “Does she need someone to stay here while she’s gone? I’ll do it!” Haha…yeah, I’ll volunteer for that job too!!

Something else interesting about this wedding is that it was actually Wedding #2 for this couple. Rich is Philippino, so they had their first wedding in the Philippines. Since not everyone could make it overseas for the first go-round, they planned an American wedding as a celebration for all their friends and family in the States. Also, Rich had her dress custom-made in the Philippines, so it’s one-of-a-kind! That’s got to be a special feeling, to know that no other bride will ever pledge their life to someone in the exact same dress. Love it!

I was running the photo booth for most of the reception so I don’t have quite the range of photos I usually do, but I took photos earlier in the day and snagged some more when I had a chance in the evening, so I still have plenty to share. I always have a hard time narrowing down which photos to post on the blog, but I figure hey…who doesn’t like looking at wedding photos?? The more the merrier! So, you get this wedding in two parts…enjoy Part 1!

I caught a groomsman chilling in the Harry Potter library…I couldn’t resist grabbing a photo of the moment.

Having ushers in your wedding is a great way to include important friends or family who aren’t in the immediate bridal party. I had fun trying to get these dudes to be “GQ.” I think they caught onto the vibe I was going for…such good sports!

Stay tuned for Part 2!


2 thoughts on “Moat Wedding Part 1 | Gainesville Photographer

  1. Mom

    I loved these pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest. The two little girls look so adorable sitting on those stairs; loved the GQ boys, the library shot, the lemons, everything! – Mom


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