Let’s Play Dress Up! | For Little Girls in Mommy’s Shoes

When I was little, I LOVED playing dress up. My brother and I had a huge box full of Halloween costumes, my mom’s old clothes, and various other odds and ends that could be thrown together to create magnificent outfits. I would play dress up by myself, with my brother, with my friend…my dog even got dressed up now and then!

My best friend Amy and her older sister Rachel would come over and we would have themed dress up days. Rockstars, prairie school girls, and my all-time favorite—Egyptian princesses!

My brother and I were so good at playing dress up, and my mom was so good at helping us come up with killer costumes, that we actually won an award for our dress up! That’s right, my brother and I won first place in the Springtime Tallahassee Children’s Costume Parade! Oh yeah…Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit? Heck yes! We knocked the socks of the judges with our dress up skills.

Even in high school, my friends and I would go to Charlotte Russe, dare each other to try on the most outlandish outfits we could find, and then laugh in the dressing rooms til our stomachs ached.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one whose childhood games consisted largely of dress up. Before I was old enough know what fashion was, I knew it was fun to put a fun outfit on and parade in front of the mirror around oozing childlike self confidence. And nothing has changed! (Most) Girls still love to dress up. We may not dig into dress up boxes anymore, but every morning before work or school, we try on outfits and scrutinize ourselves in the mirror. Any upcoming event is an excuse to shop with your girlfriends. And going out on the weekends? Well, invite your friends over and block off a chunk of time, because man oh man…deciding what to wear is an event by itself!

So, in honor of the little girl in her mommy’s dress and heels that lives inside all of us, I am introducing a blog post theme that I’ll post under once in awhile—“Let’s Play Dress Up!” I’ll find fun new stores, interesting trends, hot shoes, accessories I am lusting after, or just anything that will fulfill the desire to just play dress up.

Photo shoots are a great time to get your dress up on, because accessories or outfits you might feel are over the top for everyday wear usually come out looking amazing in photos. Add a pop of color here, a little shimmer and shine there, and you’ve got the perfect photo shoot outfit. So play along with me, enjoy my dress up dreams, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for YOUR next photo shoot outfit! Today’s Dress Up! loveliness is coming at you from ModCloth…my new favorite store that I drool over almost daily. From the vintage finds to the darling dresses to the fun names for all their clothes, I can’t get enough. And bonus…the return/exchange shipping is free!! No hassle to get the right size…my kind of online store! (P.S. If you love blogs, check out the Modcloth blog…tons of fun fashion finds, good reads, excellent tunes, etc!)

Today I think I’ll put together an outfit that’s a little old-fashioned, a little sweet, and a little ruffly (my favorite right now!).

Fell In Love With a Dress ($61.99)


Make the Cutout Heel ($39.99)

Impeccable Ivory Headband ($9.99)

Quite Contrary Earrings ($12.99)


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