I brought cookbooks to work the other day. I had all these good intentions of spending my lunch hour planning out all these delicious meals I was going to start cooking. There visions of perfectly cooked Miso Cod dancing in my head. (No clue what that is btw…but it looked kind of tasty.) I was going to grocery shop after work, and be the picture of domesticity the rest of the evening, while my deliciousness cooked and I cleaned my apartment.

Instead, I ended up having a very funny conversation with some of my friends at work about how cookingly-challenged I am. Let’s put it this way…if it has more than 4 ingredients, or has an ingredient I have never heard of or can’t pronounce, or takes more than 30 mins (TOTAL) to make…I probably won’t try it. This is very sad, I know. I’ve been informed.

But the thing is, not only am I cookingly-challenged, I am directionally challenged. I can’t read a map or remember how to get places to save my life. And I figure cookbooks are basically like maps for cooking, so I’m double screwed. Cooking and directions all at the same time? Hahaha…yeahhhhh….not a good thing.

So, instead of meal planning, I laughed with co-workers. Instead of grocery shopping, I spent my drive home complaining to my mom about how much cooking annoys me (and probably made her motherly heart cry a little for her not-so-domestic daughter). Heck, what’s one more night of cereal for dinner?? I figure I’ll tackle the cleaning the apartment thing first, and then maybe I’ll venture into some new aisles of the grocery store and attempt to make something yummy sounding. I’ll keep you posted…the attempt at cooking could be a very interesting blog post…

These photos have zilch to do with what I keep rambling about, but I finally got around to editing some photos I took in St. Louis back in May and thought I’d share. I guess we could tie it all together by saying I took these photos on the way to and from a winery, where I ate delicious food, so really these are so totally relevant to the topic of this post. 😉


One thought on “Cookingly-Challenged

  1. Annamarie

    I love these photos that you took of the Alton/Grafton area. Very cool shots. The ones on the river road are wonderful. Great job.


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