Erica | Just Because | Location Scouting

Sometimes I love Gainesville. Sometimes I wish I lived anywhere but here.

Sometimes, I give in and just explore.

On Saturday I decided to drive around looking for new photo shoot locations, and I was itching for a photo shoot too. So, who do I call? Well Miss Erica of course! She’s always game to jump in front of the camera, which comes in super handy when I spontaneously decide I want to do a photo shoot…just because. So we drove around Gainesville, looking for some offbeat spots and trying to stay out of the sketchy areas. I found a few locations I can’t wait to use, and I picked the spots I want to use for Christmas card mini-shoots (around the Hippodrome!).

All in all, very successful  and very fun. Scoped some sweet spots (Check out that alliteration! That’s right, English major right here!) and snapped a few photos here and there. Lovely day!!


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