“For the Love” presents “That 70’s Shoot”

Alright lovely people…get stoked. I’ve got something pretty darn exciting to share with you today. Let’s start at the beginning…

For a couple of months now, I’ve had this idea rattling around in my mind, rising to the surface now and then, getting me all giddy and excited, and then sinking back into the crevasses of my mind as I got busy or overwhelmed. But then, right when I was reaching a point of exhaustion and burn out, the idea buried deep in my mind, I went to Courtney Fries’ workshop. She encouraged all of us attendees to be leaders in our own little photography communities. To stop sitting back and wishing we had a stronger bond with other photographers, but to go out and make it happen. To initiate relationships, to reach out to those people who share your passion. The minute she said those words, the idea I had been ignoring forced itself to be thought about. It was ready to be acted on.

So, here’s the big idea: I wanted to plan a just-for-fun shoot and invite other photographers to come and shoot. I wanted us to not just talk together about how much we love photography, but to actually experience photography together, learn together, encourage each other, and create together. So on the way home from the workshop, I confessed my idea to Sarah. She loved it, and we decided then and there to make it happen. To initiate the relationships with other local photographers that we had both been craving but not actually pursuing. Then and there, “For the Love” was born.

“For the Love”…of photography, of friendship, of wine, of coffee dates, of creativity, of style, of love…you name it, we probably love it, and we want to love it with YOU too!

Sarah and I want “For the Love” to be a group where photographers feel comfortable being photographers, being creative, being silly, being a group of people who just love the same things. Maybe we meet once a month, maybe more maybe less. No rules, just fun and photography…and probably some food in there somewhere too!

To start, we thought a group shoot would be all kinds of fun. So, we planned one!

On Sept. 19 at 5:00pm, we will be holding the very first “Just for Love” group shoot–lovingly called “That  70’s Shoot.” It’s not a workshop (God knows I don’t plan on teaching anything!), but just an opportunity for us to practice shooting on a real couple. My friend Amanda and her (very good sport) boyfriend Mark will be our lovely couple. I’m still in the process of styling the shoot with Sarah, but I can tell you this much…there will be hula hoops, (hopefully) a ’71 VW Bug, flippy hair-dos, and a whole lotta strawberries. The location has yet to be determined (anyone out there with a field or a barn you’d be willing to loan us for a couple of hours?), but it will be rad, I promise.

So, to recap:

“That’s 70’s Shoot”

The Plan: Group shoot followed by dinner and drinks

Date: Sunday, September 19

Time: 5:00 pm

Location: TBA

So if you love photography, want to make some new friends (or hang out with some of the ones you already have), want to step out there and get creative with your peers, or just want some cool new shots for your portfolio…well then “Just for Love” is the group for you, and you should totally come to “That 70’s Shoot.” You can RSVP  HERE.

Come join Sarah and I on our crazy little adventure…we would LOVE to see you there!

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