Epic Sky

I’ve been fascinated with the sky recently. It seems like every time I look up, the sky is putting on a show. Yesterday, a raging storm blew itself over me at work. Every time I looked outside, the sky had morphed into a different, more menacing version of the scene I had peeked at moments before. In the morning when I’m walking Lexie, the sky turns itself into an 80’s dance party, shades of neon intertwining to create colors without names. A few days ago, a rainbow graced my ride home from work. And then there was the day when I received a simple text from my baby bro.

Go outside and take a picture of the sun peaking past clouds! It looks epic!

He knew I would love it. And he was right. It was epic.


2 thoughts on “Epic Sky

  1. Galan

    Haha, that turned out awesome! I knew you would be able to turn that skyscape(made up word lol?) into a wonderful photo. It almost looks like an explosion or something.


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