Christmas in August?

UPDATE: All spots are filled for Christmas card shoots…YAY! Thanks, everyone!! Can’t wait for all your shoots. I am now booking regular shoots (photos won’t be ready in time for Christmas cards) for December.

  • October 17- 5:45 pm (Mini shoot)
  • November 6- 3:00 pm (Mini shoot)
  • November 6- 3:45 pm (Mini shoot)
  • November 6- 4:30 pm (Mini shoot)
  • November 14- 3:00 pm (Regular session)
  • November 21- 3:00 pm (Regular session)
  •  ********

    One of my pet peeves in life is holiday merchandise appearing in stores more than a month before the holiday actually occurs. Particularly, Christmas stuff appearing in stores in early November. You know it happens…a lovely holiday reduced to dancing Santa’s on shelves, before we’ve even had a chance to eat any Thanksgiving turkey. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next guy, but I just want to enjoy my holidays in the order that they come.

    But. (That’s a big but right there.)

    I kind of, sort of, just a teeny-tiny little bit get it this year. Because this year…well, I own a business this year. And I still feel like I’m being a sellout, contributing to one of my pet peeves, but I have to bombard you with something Christmas-y. In August. Exactly FOUR WHOLE MONTHS before Christmas. I apologize…but it must be done. I am giving into the madness.

    But. (That’s an even bigger but right there.)

    There is a very good reason for my submission to the holiday-advertising-powers-that-be. Because, well…if I waited until December to do anything Christmas-y, none of you lovely, lovely people who want me to take your Christmas card photos would get to send your cards out before Easter rolls around.

    So, this is me giving in.

    It’s August, and I’m officially open for Christmas card photo shoot business. Bring it on! 🙂

    Shoot me an e-mail ( or give me a call (321-271-7226) to book a shoot today.


      The Low Down

    • $75
    • 30-45 mins
    • 10-20 high-resolution images on a disk*
    • Locations to be determined. They will be in Gainesville, and trust me, they will be awesome. 🙂 Edited to add: All mini-shoots will take place in downtown Gainesville, in the courtyard behind the Hippodrome and the surrounding streets. Scoped it out today, and definitely excited about all the possibilities for lovely photos. 🙂

    Available Dates/Times

    • October 17- 4:15 pm
    • October 17- 5:00 pm
    • October 17- 5:45 pm


    • November 6- 3:00 pm
    • November 6- 3:45 pm
    • November 6- 4:30 pm


    • November 7- 3:00 pm
    • November 7- 3:45 pm
    • November 7- 4:30 pm

    Regular Sessions

     The Low Down

    • $150
    • 1-2 hours
    • 40-50 high-resolution images on a disk*
    • Locations for the regular sessions are more flexible, and we can travel to up to 2 locations during the shoot. (Additional travel rates for locations outside of Gainesville may apply.)

    Available Dates/Times

    • October 24- 4:30 pm
    • November 14- 3:00 pm
    • November 21- 3:00 pm

    *All images from your shoot will be delivered to you before December 1.


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