Bring Back Coffee

When did people stop grabbing a cup of coffee with friends?

Did boyfriends and husbands get in the way? Did real life make it impossible to just slow down for a minute? Did “going out for drinks” take the place of a good old-fashioned cup of coffee?

When I was in high school, I used to think it was SO LAME that the only places my friends and I ever hung out were House of Joe, Starbucks, or the Barnes ‘n Noble Cafe. It was a big joke that Melbourne (aka “Mel-boring”) was so lame that all we had to do was go to coffee shops.

Apparently with age comes wisdom, because I didn’t know what I had until it was gone. I loved those evenings spent in cozy chairs, sipping my favorite drink and dreaming with my friends about where we would live someday, what amazing jobs we would have, or what handsome prince would someday sweep us off our feet.

It wasn’t lame at all. It was the exact opposite of lame. We could have spent our high school years drinking ourselves into oblivion, not remembering half the nights we spent with our friends. Instead, I have fond memories of drinking white chocolate mochas with Michael Buble playing softly in the background, belly laughs and whispered secrets.

When did I trade those moments in for “going out for drinks”? Don’t get me wrong…I really love grabbing martini’s with my girlfriends, or going to Durty Nelly’s for drinks, singing along with Spade McQuade as he belts out “Sweet Caroline.”

But I miss coffee shops. I miss the atmosphere, the vibe, the cozy, everything-will-be-ok feeling I always felt deep inside when I had coffee in my hand and a kindred spirit across the table.

I’m bringing it back. I’m officially bringing back coffee dates with friends. Leave the husbands and boyfriends at home on a Saturday morning and go to Maude’s, or the nearest Starbucks, or even the Border’s cafe with your best girlfriends. I guarantee you’ll leave with a happy heart, a full stomach, and a renewed spirit.

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