It All Began With Scrapbooking Club

It all began with scrapbooking club. That’s right…I was totally in the Creative Memories Club in high school. As dorky as it may sound, I made beautiful albums filled with memories of my friends, family, and the events in my life. To this day, I can spend hours looking through those albums, remembering the sick-to-my-stomach nervous, heart-pounding excited feeling of my first date, the silly fun of buying red pleather jackets to dress like Charlie’s Angels with my best friends, the sweaty thrill of volleyball games. Every photo has a feeling tied to it, a moment of my life preserved forever.

My love for photograpy began with scrapbooking club.

The love continued to grow when I was the yearbook editor my senior year. I made sure that every page told a story, tha every page held photos that would help us remember that time 10, 20, 30 years after we left high school behind.

In college I was rarely without a camera. I didn’t know at the time that my desperate need to document every fun moment would turn into a business someday. At the time, it just meant I had 73 albums of photos on Facebook, and countless more on my computer.

I went to Europe and was frustrated at the lack of control I had over my point-and-shoot, but I took some of the first photos I framed for my walls. I was fascinated with the idea that I could capture something I felt so deeply in a photo, and that I could look at it later and feel myself shiver in the cool wind as if I was still standing in the middle of the Alps.

When I graduated college, I took my first leap into “real” photography. I used every penny of my graduation money to buy my first DSLR and a kits lens. I used it off and on until someone encouraged me to immerse myself in my hobby, practice it, get good at it. I’d been told I had an eye, a talent, something special. But I hadn’t honed my skills yet…I was still just playing with the idea of photography. But I wanted more.

Someone I admired suggested that I begin a photo-a-day project…which ended up consisting of tears, frustration, learning, growing…and JOY. I wasn’t as good as I wanted to be, but I was getting better, and I loved it. The project eventually fizzled out, but it was replaced with something completely unexpected–my first real photo shoot. My co-worker Jenny was pregnant, and she wanted me to take her maternity photos.

So I did.

And I was hooked.

Not even a year has passed since that shoot, and I can’t even believe that I have already gone through a rebranding process, booked a wedding, and now I’m launching a real photography site. Say what?? Amazing.

My blog has been a safe, comfortable place for me. I’ve had a blog for so long, so it’s become the norm to be honest, to share my work, to ramble on about anything and everything. But, a real name for my business? A real site? A wedding booked? I shoot weddings now?? Does that mean I’m, like, a photographer?

All signs point to yes. 🙂 And I couldn’t be happier.

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