Courtney Fries Workshop | Fantasy of Flight Part 2

I still can’t get over how much I loved this shoot. Every detail was perfect…the makeup was flawless (thanks to Annelis Diaz!), the styling was fabulous (thanks to Courtney Fries, who is fab herself, and Etsy, where she got the hairpieces), the models were perfection (thanks to Jaquelyn and Kristina!), and the location was GORGEOUS (thanks to Fantasy of Flight!).

This shoot got me excited again. Maybe it’s the hot hot summer or maybe it’s just general life business, but I’ve had times over the last couple of months where I just had to really dig deep for some inspiration. I’ve felt drained of creativity, lacking in originality, and desperate for something to shake my photography up a little.

Well, I couldn’t have gotten a better jolt of inspiration than this shoot, and Courtney’s entire workshop. I feel renewed, excited,and ready to tackle all the fun, easy, hard, crazy, intimidating parts of this business. I’ve got new ideas, fresh thoughts, and motivation to push myself and my photography more than ever.


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