Sweet Baby Bri

Sweet baby Bri…I cannot get over how much your family loves you.

The way your Uncle Xavi kisses your chubby cheeks makes my heart melt. The way your daddy holds your tiny body so safely in his arms brings tears to my eyes. The way your momma gazes at you like she’s never seen anything so beautiful makes me happy inside. And the way your grandparents’ eyes light up when they squeeze your tiny toes and hold your itty bitty hands just makes me smile.

Baby Bri, you are loved by many…what better way to come into this world?

Xavi plays BEAUTIFUL music on the guitar, and Bri was just mesmerized by his John Mayer-playing skills. They stared into each other’s eyes, and I just paused and watched the moment happen. Such a precious look in his eyes…

4 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Bri

  1. Alix McCauley

    These are amazing! I might want you to take some of me and xavi! 🙂 Can you send me an e-mail with your prices? thank you!

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