Two friends at work came up to me this week and gave me a hug, and asked if I’m doing ok. They said they read my blog, and well…they just wanted to make sure I was doing ok.

I was surprised…but truth be told, the last couple of months have definitely been challenging, and I guess I was more transparent on this blog than I even realized.

But the thing is…I am ok. Maybe not every day, or every minute, but most days and most minutes I am ok, and often I’d even go so far as to say I’m doing great.

I’m gonna get suuuper cliche on you right now, so brace yourself…but take me seriously, because it’s all true.

I’m on a quest to find myself–Eat Pray Love-style, minus the yearlong trip to exotic places. Alot of things have changed in my life over the last two months, and none of the changes have been particularly easy, but they’ve all come together to put me in a better place than I’ve been in a long time. Still not entirely sure who I am, and I really wish I had the luxury of taking a year off life to eat in Italy, meditate in India, and enjoy some sun and passion in Bali…but instead will take what I’ve got,  “find myself” from my cubicle, and leave Bali to Julia Roberts. True, it can be a painful journey sometimes, but feeling the changes inside me have been worth the painful moments. I’m on a mission to be happy in life, no matter what. So there! 🙂

Ok deep breaths…cliche part is over!

So the answer to everyone’s questions is a resounding YES. I am ok, and I will continue to be even more ok. And I love you all for caring enough to ask how I’m doing!

This blog has been an outlet, a diary of my life…the ups, downs, inbetweens, and who knows what else. I could veil my feelings behind pretty words, and who knows…maybe that’s a better way to go about writing what is technically a business blog. But if you are reading this, you are either my family, my friends, or a potential client…and I think I will be a better daughter, sister, friend, and photographer if you know me. So I will continue to be transparent and honest on this little ole blog, and I will continue to happily accept hugs from friends. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Transparency

  1. emily

    can’t WAIT to chat with you.
    and, of course, give lots of hugs 🙂
    besides, you know i’m the best at giving them anyway.

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      I can’t wait too. You, dinner, chatting, balloons, and puppies. I mean, seriously…yes please.


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