Jamie & Casey:::Reception:::Gainesville Wedding Photographer

Jamie and Casey’s reception was GORGEOUS. I have a fascination with exposed brick walls, and I realllllyyy want my next apartment to be a loft style with brick walls. So, I was loving the reception venue, and all the little details just made the night complete. Rather than serve a sitdown dinner, they had appetizer stations set up all around the room–risotto, sliders, and other deliciousness that was too fun and fancy to even explain. I guess you had to be there to taste it. 😉

The best thing about this wedding was that it was my cousin getting married, so I got to see alot of family members I don’t see very often. Seeing my aunt and uncle dance the night away in each other’s arms, my cousin Matt get his dance on with Grandma Betty, everyone throw their hands in the air and get low on the dance floor…well, it was just plain old FUN!

Congrats, Jamie and Casey! Your wedding was lovely, and you are such a sweet couple! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Jamie & Casey:::Reception:::Gainesville Wedding Photographer

  1. Mom

    These were so great!!! I knew I would love them, that’s why I couldn’t wait. So many great ones of family members. Those were fantastic for not even being an official second shooter. Love-Mom

  2. Once_a_King

    Contact Cheval Sauvage and offer to sell them that picture — you would so make a ton pf money!


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