The Prop Shop:::Gainesville Photography Inspiration

Oh lovely blog readers, I’ve got something fun for you today! I’ve added a sweet new feature to my site you might not see at first glance. Look up at the top navigation tabs…yeah, right there. See that new one?

That’s right…

…drumroll please…

…it’s The Prop Shop!

What’s The Prop Shop, you ask? Well, it’s going to be awesome…but right now, it’s just a page o’ inspiration waiting for YOU to use it!

Often clients tell me they are having a hard time deciding what to wear, which accessories to bring, whether they should include props in their shoot, and so on. So, I thought I’d help out a little! When you book a shoot with me, you now have full access to everything in The Prop Shop. You can browse through it just to get some ideas, or you can make a list of anything and everything you’d like to use in your shoot. Send me the list, and I’ll show up to the shoot with all your selected props!

Still feeling a little lost when it comes to styling your shoot? We can chat more about the details when you book a shoot, but in the meantime, check out the “Styled Photoshoots” section of Green Wedding Shoes. Let your imagination run wild, and get creative! Photography is an art and an expression of not only the photographer, but the people in front of the camera as well. So get your inspiration on and check out The Prop Shop! And stay tuned, because I’ll be adding new props now and then. It will be like Christmas…totally that exciting. 🙂

Here’s an example of how one family used the “Little Light Green Chair” and “Little Dark Green Chair” in their shoot:

What are you still doing here?? Go get your prop-shopping on!! 🙂

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