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I haven’t written any photography inspiration posts in awhile, so I think it’s that time again. It’s Friday, everyone is ready for the weekend, and it can’t hurt to see some lovely images that will hopefully make you smile.

I posted another photo from this shoot awhile back, and I found this one in my inspiration file as well and couldn’t resist posting it. It’s so creative, so serene, and just has a quiet sweetness about it. I think a photo is great when you could write an entire story about the couple just from the moment frozen in the photo.

Photo by Amelia Lyon. 

My next source of inspiration is Clayton Austin. Love. Stories. I often stumble across photographers online, and I often fall head-over-heels in love with someone’s work. But Clayton, man…he has become hands-down my favorite photographer in a matter of about 2 weeks. His story alone is inspirational, but then you see his photos and just want to sit down and cry over their beauty. His work moves me in a way no other photographer’s work has, and I wait in eager anticipation for his new blog post each day. And Mr. Austin, if you are reading this by any chance…I’m saying it now. Someday, when I fall in love and get engaged, I want you to shoot my wedding. Crossing my fingers now that will become a reality someday. 🙂

I could literally post every photo from his blog as my inspiration, but here are two that just take my breath away…

Ok, you get one more from Clayton actually…this one is just too good not to post.

And last but not least, a photo from another photographer I stumbled across recently–Stephanie Williams. Love love love her work…and really hope I get to do a shoot in some fog someday…what a cool effect!

That’s all for now…I’d love to see what inspires YOU, so leave me a comment with a link or shoot me an e-mail at

Have a happy weekend!


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