Shelby & Mara:::Ceremony:::Gainesville Wedding Photography

 Well kids, thanks for hanging in there while I got my site updated. If it weren’t for Erica, who shall be known henceforth as Goddess of All Things Website-y (or just Girl Who Hearts Vampires), I might have be reduced to tears more than once.  

But now…now everything is really, truly, fully switched over to! It’s official! So bookmark it, pass it on to your friends, or just stare at it in blissful wonder (wait, that last one is just me).

Oh, and while you are at it, you could “like” me on Facebook too! Yeah…that sounds way creepy, but I promise I will “like” you lots and lots if you “like” my fan page! 😉

Ok, I’m in a kind of silly, giddy mood right now, so I’ll let you go before my babbling becomes too ridiculous. I mean, I AM being super cool and watching Kimora:Life in the Fab Lane and eating Lemon Sugar Cookie (light) ice cream right now…but I digress. Just enjoy some more photos from Shelby and Mara’s wedding–and stay tuned for the last few coming soon!


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