Adams-Johnson-Wilson Family Shoot:::Gainesville Photographer

It was a day of firsts…my first mini-shoot, my first shoot with more than four people, and my first shoot after work on a weekday. Crazy combo, but with a family as sweet and fun (and good looking!) as this one, it turned out to be a great day for firsts. You may recognize Laura and Michael from their engagement shoot last fall. Laura is one of my co-workers and a great friend, and her hubby Michael actually came car shopping with me a few weeks ago to help me check out the cars I was looking at. Basically, they are two of my favorite people, and their family is just as cool.

Michele (Michael’s mom) wanted to get a family photo while all the kids and grandkids were in town at the same time, so we set up a mini-shoot to get a couple group shots and some photos of little boys. After running around chasing two two-year-olds around for awhile, I think we got some cute shots. Two is such a fun age!

Anyways, sorry this post is a bit rambling (as it’s Sunday night and I’m half exhausted and half distracted by Boy Meets World episodes right now), but I really enjoyed being around this fun family, and I really liked my very first mini-shoot.

Happy Monday, everyone…enjoy your week!


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