Shelby & Mara:::Getting Ready:::Gainesville Wedding Photographer

I’ve known Shelby for 6 years now…6 years! Crazy! I remember very well the day that Shelby told me about the girl he met at church, the girl who had already captured his heart. He said it in his toast during the reception…he knew he was going to marry Mara the moment he met her. He wasn’t just sweet-talking…he was very serious. I remember him telling me that very thing, far before Mara ever had a clue that he felt that way. It was love at first site, and he would do anything to keep her in his life forever.

When Shelby told me he was going to propose, I wasn’t surprised…He was in love with her! But little did I know, I would have a part in the proposal! Shelby had a plan…he wanted to set up a photo shoot as a “Christmas present,” since Mara was always saying they didn’t have enough photos together. Then, when she least expected it, he would pop the question…and I would capture the very moment! We had it all planned out…the code word was “I’m going to switch to my telephoto lens now…” Then Shelby knew it was time to take her to the bridge, where he would get down on one knee and ask the love of his life to be his wife. The plan went off without a hitch (despite my hands shaking the entire time), and I got to witness one of my friends get engaged. I got to witness true love.

I was so excited to capture their engagement, and then get to help capture their wedding as well. I helped Chen Wang shoot their wedding on Saturday, and it was full of love and laughter…a perfect start to a happy life together.

I’m going to post lots of photos from this wedding, so keep checking back! 🙂

While the ladies finished getting ready, we took the boys outside for some photos. This is the first wedding I’ve helped shoot where I’ve known the bride and groom, and a couple of the groomsmen. It was fun getting to laugh and catch up with them as we set up for all the photos.

Yeah, Chris made this face every single time I pointed the camera at him. Classic Chris.

One thought on “Shelby & Mara:::Getting Ready:::Gainesville Wedding Photographer

  1. Mom

    I love these. Already so many great ones. Something special about her bow being tied. Love those. – Mom


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