Here’s to Old Friends and Dancing to NSYNC

You know what I love? Old friends. Those people who may not be in your life on a daily basis, but they have been in your life for a loooong time. Long enough that you can say things like…Remember that time when we made up dances to NSYNC songs at our joint Sweet 16 sleepover party?

Ok, so I didn’t actually say that last night, but I totally could have because it totally happened.

Jacquie is one of those old friends I love so dearly. She happened to be driving through Gainesville right at dinner time last night, the stars aligned, and we actually got to hang out for a couple of hours. I haven’t seen Jac since last fall, but she’s one of those friends you can go years without seeing and pick up right where you left off every time you get to see each other.

We realized that this September, we will have known each other for 11 years. Um, 11 YEARS! Wasn’t I only 11 years old like yesterday?? Seriously, that’s nuts. We were awkward little 13 year olds when we met, and now we are both 24, both finally feeling like adults, and both really excited to see what life has in store for us.

It’s a comfort talking to old friends like Jacquie. They know the good and the bad, and they were probably there for alot of it. (Including choreographing dances to NSYNC songs at sleepovers. I’m really not kidding. That happened.) They accept you for who you are, who you’ve been in the past, and who you will be in the future. Those types of friendships are precious, and I’m so thankful for every one of them.

So here’s to my old friends. You know who you are, and I love each and every one of you. Thank you for being wonderful.

And Jacquie…don’t hate me for posting this photo. We. Look. AWESOME. 🙂 Oh and note all the high school graduation stuff in the background. That’s right…we were 18 and obviously unbearably cool. 🙂


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