Sheer Madness Mini-Review and Jamie:::Just Because

 I think Jamie said it best. “Sheer Madness? You mean sheer boredom.”

Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad…or maybe it was.

I went to see a play last night with a group of friends at the Hippodrome. After living in Gainesville for the last 6 years, I hadn’t been to The Hipp once until tonight. I was so looking forward to it, because I’m not gonna lie…I love me some plays. My favorite field trips in high school were to see the Orlando acting troupes perform things like MacBeth and Tartuffe. And, this play was supposed to have audience participation…which I must admit, I am a sucker for that as well.

However. (Brace yourself, mini-play review coming.)

It just wasn’t what I expected. I had read that Sheer Madness is the longest running play in American history…but I can’t really figure out why. Maybe because the script is flexible, allowing for local playwrights to add in their own local jokes and allusions? Well, if that’s the case, I suppose it just depends on where you are when you see the play, because I’m telling you…the Gainesville jokes got a big wah-wah. *Insert Debbie Downer sound effects here.*

It just didn’t make me laugh. There were Bill Clinton jokes and random Geico commercials. Yeah. Weird. I just wasn’t feeling it.

That is, until the audience participation started in. Nancy and I were cracking up at some inside joke involving a character in the audience named Shim (aka “Patrick Patricia”), and we totally got pointed at and called on. Oh yeah, the actors tried to get us involved, and all we could do was giggle.

A few racial slurs later (audience members, not actors), the play was over and I was underwhelmed. But I got a few laughs, and I got to hang out with some awesome friends, so I consider the night a success. Plus, we started the night with drinks and dinner at The Top, and ended it at Starbucks. Yeah…it was still a really good night.

So, in honor of the planner of our weeknight on the town, I thought I’d post a few more photos of Jamie…former co-worker, friend, and fun-times-planner-extraordinaire.


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