I’m a Big Girl Now

Well, I did it. Not only did I survive the death of my car’s A/C (for the second time in a year, mind you), but also I BOUGHT A NEW CAR!! 

After two weeks of  ridiculous amounts of online research, picking the brains of anyone and everyone, hitching rides with friends, sweating my butt off when I had to drive my own car, and maybe a few tears here and there, I bought myself a new car. Well, it was used, but new to me! I am the proud owner of a 2009 Toyota Corolla, baby…and it’s BLUE!

This is really the second car I bought by myself, but this is my first big girl car. My first car was basically the best of the worst…it was the best for what I could afford, but it wasn’t great, and it didn’t last me as long as I’d hoped. It has broken down almost monthly for the last year, so I was secretly wishing for it’s demise, despite knowing that would mean a new car payment and lots of painful car shopping. When the A/C crapped out yet again, I knew it was time to dive head first into adulthood.

So I did. I dove. Adulthood, here I come! So far, so good. And my new car…well, lets put it this way. I’M IN LOVE. With a hunk of blue metal on wheels.

I guess I’m a big girl now. 🙂


Ah, my not-so-faithful 2000 Dodge Neon. May your new owner love you as much as I did the first day I got you.


YAY! I love you, my pretty blue baby!


4 thoughts on “I’m a Big Girl Now

  1. Jesslinn

    Whoo-Hoo!!! Beautiful…..the car too!!! Now that you have dependable wheels…come on up for a visit!!! ❤

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