Growth:::Gainesville Lifestyle Photographer

I don’t think a week has ever felt so long. Last week was painfully slow, full of far too many downs and not enough ups. But finally, it is over, and a new week is here.

I spent the weekend doing three things–spending time with friends, car shopping, and spring cleaning (yes, it’s already summer, but hey, it’s the thought that counts).

I feel like I am stripping everything down, starting everything over. I wasn’t prepared for all the decisions and changes that would happen in such a short time period, but I’m surviving in the only way I can–just dealing with everything one day at a time.

So, since the most pressing decision was what to do about my poor, pathetic car that has officially bitten the dust (A/C stopped working AGAIN, and I’m not going to dump another $850 into that hunk o’ junk), I tackled that situation head-on. I am numerically challenged (as in, I couldn’t have explained APR to you before last week), so crunching numbers, making budgets, and negotiating a deal on a car are NOT my strong points. But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…so after asking lots of people for advice, and spending hours doing research online, I headed for the highly-recommended used car dealership and got my test drive on.

I’ll elaborate more on that experience when I have actually bought a car, but let’s just say it was far more pleasant than I expected. It’s a no-commission, no-haggle place, and for someone like me…that’s just lovely.

So, get excited…by the end of this week (hopefully), I will be a new (er, used) car owner! I will have cold A/C, I will have a trustworthy vehicle, and I will be more of an adult than I am today.

I’m growing. Slowly, often painfully, but I’m growing.


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