Colton:::Gainesville Baby Photography

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you may recognize this gorgeous family. Jenny, Josh and Colton have been my faithful models since Colton was just a sparkle in Jenny’s eye. She was the first person to take a chance on me as a photographer for her maternity photos, and she and Josh made my first shoot so much fun! Then, I got to take some photos in the hospital of Colton the day after he was born, and then we did an official newborn shoot once he was home. Now, this little man is 6 months old and looking more like his parents every day. One minute I swear he looks just like Jenny, and the next minute I see a mini-Josh. Either way, this kid is adorable, and I can’t get over his sweet little expressions. This is just the sneak peek post, as we haven’t even finished the shoot. This one got split into two parts, because it was just too gosh darn hot outside to continue shooting last Sunday. So next week we will finish up the shoot inside their house, thanking God for A/C. Stay tuned for more adorableness to come…

I put this next one up because his expression is just too cute. I can just picture him saying, “Umm…Mommy? Um…it’s kind hot. I’m sweaty. Why is this crazy lady pointing that thing in my face? Why am I just chilling here in the grass? Umm…Mommy?”

Oh Colton, you are such a good sport. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Colton:::Gainesville Baby Photography

  1. Once_a_king

    Well, if anyone ever wondered, I figured out why you are, and will be a great photographer.


    You are always genuinely enamored of the people and situations you shoot and so you can’t fail to to take great shots.

    You always gush so warmly about the beautiful babies, the lovely couples, the romantic weddings, your true affection becomes so evident in your creative shoots.

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