Nicole & Drew:::Bridal Party:::St. Augustine Wedding

More wedding loveliness! I wasn’t planning on posting this many photos from the wedding, but I just couldn’t choose…everyone and everything at this wedding was so gorgeous! And there are still more to come…:)

As you know if you’ve read my other posts from this wedding, I was second-shooting with a local wedding photographer, Lindsey Tropf. Second-shooting has been such an amazing way for me to learn the art of wedding photography, by observing how the main photographer works through the day, getting to ask tons of questions, and of course, getting real experience shooting an actual wedding.

I’ve noticed something interesting about my personal style from the couple of weddings I’ve helped shoot. I really love capturing the un-posed moments, the ones where people aren’t making eye contact with me, when maybe they don’t even know I have a camera on them. I know once I’m the main photographer at a wedding, I won’t have the luxury of trailing along behind, capturing those little moments that happen in between the “real” shots. For now, I’m loving my role as second-shooter. Not only do I get to learn from the best, but I also get to exercise some of my photo-journalistic tendencies at the same time. Someday when I get to shoot my own weddings, I will find a way to incorporate my style into all the photos from the day, but for now, I will take those moments where I get them and soak up every piece of knowledge and experience that is offered to me.

Super huge thanks to Lindsey for letting me get my feet wet, for answering my hundreds of crazy questions, for teaching me about off-camera lighting, and for all the other wonderful help you’ve been. Thank you!!! 

Ah, Maker’s Mark straight out of the bottle. Manly.

Gotta love a little limo ceiling reflection.

It was such a drippingly-hot day that the bridesmaids busted out some sweet blue fans…I’m not sure everyone would have survived without them.


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