The Other “Ography”:::Photography Inspiration

I’m a photographer. Using photography as a  medium makes sense to me. It’s something that felt natural the moment I held a camera in my hand. I feel comfortable (usually) using photography to be creative, to express myself, to creative something beautiful. When I look at other people’s photos, I have some understanding of how they decided on that shot, that style, that feeling, because photography just makes sense to me.

But there’s a creative medium I don’t understand. It boggles my mind but utterly fascinates me. It’s the other “ography”–videography!

Videography blows my mind…the amount of planning, visualizing, expressing that goes into creating even a short video. I’d love to give short videos a shot someday, but for now I am quite happy to admire videography while I stick to photography.

So, my lovely blog readers, here are a few videos, videographers, and video-y things that have been making me smile recently.

The Bojangles Dress

Video by Miguel Santana da Silva featuring Carrie from Wish Wish Wish

Wish Wish Wish is my new favorite blog to follow. The girl you see in the video is only 18, but her love for fashion and everything vintage and pretty is just so much fun to read about. From her “What I Wore” to “Things That Make Me Smile,” inspiration and creativity are just overflowing on her blog. Her boyfriend Miguel takes most of the photos, and he shoots the short videos as well. Something about the mood of this video just struck me, and I must admit, I have a little outfit-lust going on. Her clothes are always so lovely!

Oh, and the song in the video is “Brand New Shoes” by She & Him (who I love!).


Lost Things

Written & Directed by Ithyle Griffiths Angela Kohler via Wish Wish Wish from Lily and the Muse

This is a short stop-motion film that I just found fascinating. Funny thing is, I reallly realllly don’t like claymation, which is essentially stop-motion using clay instead of people (at least I think that’s what it is). Don’t ask me why, as I have no logical explanation. It just weirds me out. So I was surprised when I liked this video so much, but the creativity and the time that went into making it is impressive. Maybe I will actually watch Fantastic Mr. Fox now. I’d been avoiding it since it was so similar to claymation, but this “Lost Things” may have just changed my mind…


A Lovely Workshop::The Chateau

Video by Bliss Productions via Twigs and Honey

This video makes me want to curl up in bed with a cup of coffee, close my eyes, and  pretend I’m in Paris. Maybe when I open my eyes I’ll be standing outside this chateau, actually attending the photography workshop the video was shot during. Alas, I’m not in Paris, but I can feel the peace that washes over me every time I watch this video.


Love Story: Nikki+Sam

Video by Shade Tree Films

I hope Shade Tree Films are famous in the wedding industry already, and if they aren’t, they need to be. They document love in a way that makes me tear up over couples I’ve never met. Every single video on their blog is stunning, a beautiful tribute to each couple’s love, but this one stuck out to me for some reason. I sat at my desk, eyes filled with tears, just loving this couple, wanting their marriage to be wonderful, and wishing I could know them. It takes some serious videography talent to evoke emotion like that. If I can ever afford to use Shade Tree Films in my wedding someday, I will be over-the-moon happy.


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