The Zoologist and the Dragon

I used to be a writer. Well, I suppose maybe blogging daily and doing a little bit of writing here and there for my real job might still qualify me as some sort of writer. But I mean I used to really write, like real articles, published in real magazines. (Well, 2 local Gainesville magazinesOur Town and Senior Times. But still, that’s legit!)

I remember the first time I picked up a magazine and saw my name in print. I was actually sitting in the waiting room of a walk-up clinic in Gainesville, feeling like death with what turns out was mono (seriously NOT fun),  and I picked up the magazine I wrote for. I flipped open to the first page, and there it was–my article, my photo, and my name in print. “Fit for a King”by Wendy Norman. There was even a little professional headshot staring confidently up at me.

Ha–that’s me!

Weird, but totally cool. I did it. I got something published. I had more stories published after that, but the more I wrote, the more I knew writing was something I would always be good at, and always love in a way, but that it wasn’t what I wanted to spend my life doing.

I stopped freelance writing over a year ago to focus on my full-time job and my photography, so imagine my surprise when my editor from the magazine I wrote for called me a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently, one of my articles won an award! It won 3rd place in the Community Papers of Florida 2010 Annual Awards for Excellence. The article was one I had written last spring called “The Zoologist and the Dragon.” (To read the article, click on the link and then click on the article image to zoom in.)

I was totally not expecting an award, especially for something I wrote so long ago, but hey, I’ll take it! It was a nice little surprise that put a smile on my face on an otherwise mundane weekday morning.

I guess that makes me an award-winning writer then, huh? 😉


0 thoughts on “The Zoologist and the Dragon

  1. Mom

    I reread the article and still felt the same thrill I had when I read it the first time. No wonder you won an award! Congratulations!! I’m so proud of you! I hope you never stop writing in some form or another. – Mom

  2. Once_a_King

    You bet you are an award winning writer!

    I didn’t see this till today so I am not a total creep for not congratulating you Thursday night! But I congratulate you now!

    This is what I remember when I first read the article. It was beyond terrific and I figured you must have spent a ton of time on it, and, knowing a little about writing myself, I said, “Man, that’s hard to do — such hard work to make something that good.” Well, I reckon you worked hard on it but when I asked how long it took you I was dumbfounded that it had not taken you that long, comparatively speaking. So, I think you must be a natural writer.

    I wish we could find that place where a month’s worth of writing would make you a million bucks. You could so do it.


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