Even the Half Day Has Come to an End

 Vacation is over. I wasn’t feeling very awesome this morning (riding in a car for 13 hours, getting back late at night, and walking into a 90 degree FL apartment that has had the a/c off for 6 days will do that to you), so I took another half day off work to ward off any potential exhaustion ailments that felt like they were headed my way. But, alas, even my last little half day of vacay is coming to an end. It’s back to work in 9 mins.

I’ll get back on track with blogging this week (I know…you totally missed my ramblings and shenanigans while I was gone), and there will be photos a-plenty coming your way soon. What amazingness will be posted? Well, I made a lemon meringue pie (with Mama Koenig’s help of course), played Mousetrap, went to the zoo, went to a winery, and hung out in a gorgeous, flower-full backyard. So yes, lots of photos coming.

For now, check out this stud muffin driving his [mom’s] car on our way to the winery. 😉



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