Need Coffee

Oh Monday mornings. How you make me sigh.

I’m back from Hollywood, and I’m exhausted. The trip was great, but there were a lot of late nights and early mornings, and I think it’s catching up to me finally…meaning I am basically a zombie right now and will be until copious coffee is in my system.

I’ve got another trip coming up this weeek, but this one isn’t for work. This one is a much needed vacay to St. Louis with Todd to visit his parents. I’ll be peacing out of here on Friday morning, and I’ll be back late late Tuesday night. I plan on sleeping alot, seeing some cool sights (and taking lots of photos, duh), and eating alot of good food. Just my kind of vacation…

Today I’ve just got another bike photo for you…I promise I’ll have better content as the week goes on.


0 thoughts on “Need Coffee

  1. Todd

    Chicago photo while we were walking to the park. I remember like it was yesterday. I love you keep on trucking Sugar Shorty Mon petite cochon. 🙂


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