Peacock Blue

I love peacock blue. It’s one of those colors that just makes me happy when I look at it. I used to have a peacock blue pen in middle school…back when it was cool to write with those Gel Roller pens, the ones that came out multi-colored and too crazy to even read. Why did we write with those things? You seriously could barely read them. And yet I have a gallon baggie stuffied to the brim with notes passed between me and my friends Jacquie and Amanda, all written in neon orange, pastel yellow, and rainbow-streaked sparkle ink. We were THAT cool.

But these days, it’s boring black and typical blue. I think I need a peacock blue pen in my life again.

Until I find one, I’ll just stare at these gorgeous peacocks I shot (in the nice, photo-way) last year.


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