Happy Birthday Pie

Dear Todd,

Your birthday was Sunday, but I didn’t want to take time away from our day to write this post. Plus, birthdays are always better when the surprises are spread out. So, surprise! 🙂 

You are the sun on my cloudy days, and the smile on my face when nothing seems worth smiling for.

You have brought an excitement to my life, a passion.

Your support for me warms my insides.

I feel my cheeks flush as I think about your arms around me.

You teach me new things, show me ways to look at the world that never would have occurred to me.

Your eyes are kind, warm, open, loving. When you look at me, I melt.

You laugh with me, every day.

You are talented beyond belief, in every area of life. I admire you more than you know.

You love so deeply, so purely, and it’s beautiful to witness.

You are fiercely loyal, a true friend.

You love birthday pies instead of birthday cakes, and you laugh at sparkler candles as much as I do.

YOU, Todd Koenig, are wonderful, all 28 years worth of you. I am so happy you were born. 🙂

I love you with all my heart.



Happy Birthday, love!


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