Lessons for a Spend-Thrift:::Gainesville Photographer

I went shopping last night. It wasn’t supposed to be for me, but for Todd’s birthday presents. I’ll keep those a secret for now, since he doesn’t get them til this weekend, but I thought I’d take a moment to tell you a little something about me and shopping. (Because I did shop for myself after all. Duh.)

I am kinda cheap. I hate hate hate admitting that, but it’s true. I have often made the bad call of buying something because it’s cheap, not because I love it. That thinking rarely works out in the end. I might come home on a shopper’s high, glowing with the satisfaction of getting something on super sale, but then a week later when the shirt starts getting pilly or the seam comes apart in the buttox region of my pants…well, you see my lesson is learned. Sometimes it’s a better idea to spend more on a really quality item I will wear often and for a long time, rather than spend less for an item that will last me like a month. It’s a hard lesson for a self-professed spend-thrift, but I’m learning it.


All that said and lessons duly noted, I get most excited when I find an actual quality item at a discount price. Case in point, the super hot shoes I bought last night. I had been drooling over some Nine West shoes at Macy’s, but I sadly left them behind after looking at the price tag. This is an expensive month already–a plane ticket to St. Louisstill needs to be bought, Lexie is due for a shot, yada yada, I shouldn’t drop 80 bucks on new shoes, no matter how much drool I already puddled on them.

So, what did my little spend-thrift self do? Well I took myself over to the usually not-so-quality Ross store, spent a few minutes scouring the rows and rows of sad-looking shoes, gazing up at me like pound puppies, and then I saw them. My shoes. They were exactly what I’ve been wanting–a black pair that’s got a little kick to them, a little snazz, but something I could wear to work too. And bonus…they were the quality, elusive Nine West shoes at a discount price. This time I got to take home the drool-covered shoes, because $23 for a pair of name brand shoes is just my kind of purchase. Quality shoes for discount prices. Yes please! Now I just need a sweet new outfit to go with the sweet new shoes…uh oh, here we go again…

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