Made for People-Watching

Do you ever peek into the car driving next to you and wonder about that person’s life? Who are they, where are they driving right now, why do they look happy, or sad, or bored? Have they been driving for hours on a trip, are they driving to the hospital to see a loved one, are they on their way to a first date, or are they just out running errands, going about the daily grind?

Maybe this curiosity about people’s lives is why I love to people-watch. Plop me down on a park bench or sit me down at a food court table and I will be entertained for hours. I like to look at specific couples, or familes, and watch them interact, guessing what their lives are like, why they are smiling or what they are talking about.

When Todd lived in Chicago, I would often stay at his place during the day while he went to work. I would sit on his balcony, steaming cup of Cafe Too coffee in one hand and a bagel balanced carefully on my lap, quietly watching the people go by on the street below. Terry, the possibly insane but totally cool dude who dressed in full military regalia, strolling along the sidewalk with purpose. Or, the random people who had screaming matches from one side of the street to the other. And who could forget the teenage hooligans who wore giant, baggy white T-shirts and rode little trick bikes up and down the street. Yeah, Uptown Chicago was made for people-watching.

Todd likes to people-watch as much as I do, and last month we got to people watch together at the Gainesville Art Festival. We walked up and down the rows of art, peeking into booths that intrigued us, gazing at the people around us almost as much as the art. I didn’t walk away with any new art from this festival (I didn’t have two grand to drop, bummer), but I did walk away with some sneaky photos from my people-watching. I love the vibe the photos have, an air of relaxation, of indulgence, and some overall Gainesville-springtime-goodness. And I’d really like to know where those Hula Hoops where going, because it was probably somewhere fun!


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