A Respite. And Some Fishies.

va·ca·tion: a respite or a time of respite from something

I went on a much needed vacation this weekend. I got to spend time with Todd, sleep when I wanted to, eat delicious food and drink delicious beer, lay in the sun sipping a cold drink, float in a pool while the palm trees rustled in the light breeze…and I never even had to leave my apartment complex.

That’s right, I took a vacation without leaving home…and it was the best thing ever!

Working a full-time job and then taking photos every weekend can really be exhausting. Worth it, but exhausting. So, I did something crazy. I took a weekend off–a respite from life, if you will. No trips out of town, no photo shoots scheduled, no plans. Nothing. Just relaxation, pure and perfect. A weekend has never felt so long, and I soaked every minute of it into my skin, so I can wear it all week. When my job gets stressful, I will remember the mid-afternoon naps. When I am up to my ears in editing, I will feel the sun warming my skin. I plan on being in a mental pool, sipping an imaginary margarita all week.

One of the many very pointless, but very very enjoyable things I did this weekend was build a digital aquarium with Todd. We discovered that you can buy games through the “Shopping” option on my Wii, for as little as $5! The “My Aquarium” game was the best five dollars I’ve spent in a long time. You can decorate a virtual aquarium, fill it will virtual fish, feed the little guys, and even tap on the glass. If someone was peeking into my apartment this weekend, they likely would have seen Todd or me making silly guestures with the Wii-mote, jabbing the air and then giggling when our “tapping” made the little fishies dance.

Oh yeah, we are pretty much the coolest people ever.

Speaking of fishies, I think I’m going to get a fish for my desk at work. I need a work pet. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Monday, lovely blog readers. May your week be filled with mental pools and imaginary margaritas.

Here is our fish tank:

Don’t they look completely entralled by the fishies? Ah, cuties.


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