Cinco de Bike-os?

 Yeah…tried to be witty with that post title…and I had nothin. I even tried to think of a good Cinco de something post topic last night with Todd, and the things we were thinking of either sounded ridiculous, or came out slightly inappropriate due to our adding an “o” the end of English words. Yeah…Cinco de Rainy Night-o at Home-o just wasn’t going to cut it.

So, you get randomness today.

I won’t lie, I was pretty grumpy this morning and feeling really stressed about…well, you name it, I was probably feeling stressed about it. It ranged from “I need a new haircut and hightlights and just something I don’t know what I just want it to look better” to “I hope I am really doing photography full time by the time I have kids, because it would be so lame to have to take precious vacation days when your kid gets sick.”

Yeah, I was THAT all over the place this morning.

Eh, it happens. So, I put on some Lady Gaga, told Todd he could stop doing Zumba moves while driving because it wasn’t cheering me up, and tried to breathe. Todd’s getting pretty darn good at handling me when I’m in a mood like that. He let me flip out and knew I would get over it. And I did.

So, there you have it. Some me randomness, and now some photo randomness. These photos have nothing to do with anything, other than the fact that I like them, and I may start collecting photos of bikes. I’m not particularly into biking, and I don’t even have a bike right now, but I just like how they look. Turns out Savannah was like the bike mecca of the South this past weekend, because there was one chained to almost every parking meter downtown. So, I pointed and I shooted (don’t hate, I was an English major, I can make up my own words) and here you have some Cinco de Bike-os for your Cinco de Mayo enjoyment.


0 thoughts on “Cinco de Bike-os?

  1. Jessica

    I love the bike pics. You make me want to visit Savannah.

    (oh and by the way, nobody has crap like that figured out by the time they have kids. Otherwise, no kids would be born!)

  2. Lifestill Photography

    Haha…what’s ridiculous is that kids are a MINIMUM of 5 years down the road for me…probably more…and I was in such a stressy mood this morning that I was thinking about things like that. Ha. Ridiculous.

    And yes, visiting Savannah is a MUST! 🙂

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