Puppy Play Group:::Gainesville Photographer

They were the days of popsicles and parks, Chocolate Teddy Grahams and the merry-go-round. My mom frequently took my brother and I to “Play Group”–a gathering of stay-at-home moms and their offspring at a park or someone’s house. The moms would all get to catch up with each other while the kids ran around like little hooligans. The mommy chat time would be interrupted periodically by a boo-boo that needed kissing or a toy tug-of-war that needed to be broken up, but I think socializing the kids was as much a part of Play Group as was the chat time for the moms.

Well, I got my first taste of a Play Group last week–as a mommy instead of a kid. There weren’t any popsicles and Teddy Grahams this time, but there were Coronas and dog treats. This one was for puppy mommies (and daddies) to chat, while the pups frolicked in the grass. I swear, having a dog is like having a child. Or, at least it’s good preparation for one (someday…not any time soon!). I felt like I’m sure my mom felt…enjoying chatting with the grown-ups, but one eye on the pack, hoping your kid, er, dog, wasn’t the one to cause trouble.

Unfortunately…mine WAS the troublemaker. I was the mommy who spent most of the time breaking up fights and making my kid…puppy…sit down when she wasn’t playing nice with others.

Lexie is a brat. I love her, but she’s definitely a strong-willed puppy. She wants to be dominant over everything and everyone…me, the dogs, the other humans. She’s stubborn as they come, but she’s learning. Thankfully, my friend/co-worker Yesi is a puppy whisperer, and since her dogs were playing nicely with others, she took time to work with me and the Lex. We made some progress, but while most of the other dogs were doing this…

Or this…

Lexie was doing this. That’s right, she spent most of her time running away from the other dogs while they looked on in confusion at this anti-social pup who wouldn’t play. Or, she tried to rip their faces off. There was not much in between.

But, with a little work, she started attempting to hang out with the other dogs. Emma looks pleased at least, but I think Moses had figured out quick that this was the crazy dog, and she should probably be ignored.

But, Lexie’s anti-social tendencies are her loss…because look how ADORABLE the other dogs are…tooo cute.

This is Logan…a Gollie. (Golden Retriever/Collie mix)

And Cooper, Puggle #1. He made an appearance in a shoot I did last year.

And there’s Moses, Puggle #2. (He was our host puppy.)

And then there’s Maggie…she made an appearance in a shoot I did last December too.

And last but not least, Emma. She was the oldest dog in the group, and she seemed generally amused by the antics of the little dogs…Moses in particular was her favorite.

Gotta love the Puggle pose. Back legs out, ahhh…relaxed.

I told you it’s like a kid’s Play Group.

And finally, a group picture. Well, sort of. I guess it’s not bad considering we got 5 dogs sitting at the same time…even if they are looking at the treat rather than the camera. And notice…no Lexie. She wouldn’t be caught dead that close to all those big scary dogs. But we’ll get there…she’ll learn how much fun she could be having…just gotta keep working on it.

Thanks for hosting, Valerie and Moses…can’t wait for the next one!


0 thoughts on “Puppy Play Group:::Gainesville Photographer

  1. valerie

    We loved hosting the pupply play group. Lexie will be warmed up for our next play date and will be a great contributor to the fun times!


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