7 Habersham

It was love at first sight. 7 Habersham St., Savannah, GA. With an address like that…well, I knew it would be my kind of place.

I spent the weekend in Savannah for my cousin Jamie’s wedding, staying in a house built in the 1700s that my aunt and uncle rented out for the family. Jamie and her new hubby Casey have lived in Savannah for a few years now, and I must say…I think I’ve been missing out. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gainesville. But Savannah had this magic to it, with history oozing out of every crack in the cobblestone roads and oak trees shading your every move.

I’m a sucker for historical places. In my last post I mentioned how much I love Charleston, SC, and Savannah has many of the same charms I fell for in Charleston. Ghost tours galore (didn’t get to go on one this trip…next time!), houses built in the 1700s, graveyards that are home to revolutionary war heroes, horse drawn carriage tours, a sprawling river with homemade ice cream and taffy shops lining the shore, grassy squares with oak branch ceilings…need I go on?

I mean, this city had me at 7 Habersham. That pretty much sums up the experience.

I took a TON of photos throughout the weekend (shocker, I know), so I’ll be posting more throughout the week. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, as was the city itself, so I will have lots of eye candy to share!

This building is calling my name. If those are apartments, I will be living in them someday. And it doesn’t hurt that they have a view of the river and a to-die-for-delicious gelato shop right downstairs. Can anyone say creme brulee and pistachio gelato? Well, my thighs can! 🙂 I may have dived into my cup and swam around in it for awhile. Soooo yummy… 


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