Stuff and Things

Just some stuff and things. Things I like and stuff I love. Enjoy.

I went to Charleston, SC on a field trip back in 10th grade, and I fell in love with the gardens that were tucked away behind wrought iron gates and hidden amongst the old brick houses. On that trip, my friend Whitney and I shared a pair of headphones as we walked through the streets of Charleston. We were listening to Enya, and to this day, hearing Ebudae transports me back to that lovely place.

I love this shirt…it looks like it would be SO comfortable to wear during a photo shoot, yet it’s cute enough to make it look like I put a little effort into my outfit. 🙂 (Seen on CUP OF JOE, sold by Penelope’s

One of my favorite things about all the blogstalking I do, is the absolutely fabulous style that I get to see on everyone’s clients. I mean, come on. That jacket, and those yellow shoes? Yes please. This whole engagement shoot is just stunning. Literally made me sit back and go WOW. If I ever shoot anything half this amazing someday, I will be happy. (Photo by AmeliaLyon)

I want a loft THIS MUCH. If you could see how far apart my arms are stretched right now, you would laugh. But it’s true. I love me a good loft. They make me feel cozy…like that feeling you get when you are a kid and made a fort out of sheets draped over furniture. This loft looks like it would be fun to decorate, paint, add things to…what have you. I would probably start with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves across the back wall. I might have to do a whole post someday on my love for lofts. (Photo by Todd Selby)

What things do you like and what stuff do you love?


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