Just Because:::Erica (Part 4):::Gainesville Artistic Portrait Photographer

As promised, Part 4 of Erica’s super Just Because shoot extravaganza! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Let me give you a little rundown of Erica and I’s friendship…for anyone who was wondering. We may or may not be turning into the same person. Here’s the thing…we are both blond, and short. Well, she’s a little on the shorter side. We were asked in Mexico whether we were sisters. “Hermanas? Si? Si?” Um, no dude. We aren’t. Lo siento.

But, oddly enough, we have started dressing alike…even though we don’t really have the exact same taste in clothes. We probably shouldn’t be allowed to shop together, because lately we have been coming home with at least one thing that is the exact same thing the other bought, just in a different color. And, bonus…we work at the same place…which means we are actually in danger daily of dressing alike. I’m losing track of which things I have to text her about in the morning. I’m wearing THE dress today. I called it. Or, I’m wearing that half-sleeve cardigan thingy.

It’s scary. But, I embrace it, because you know…you probably tend to be good friends with people who are like you. Yes, diversifying your social group is probably never a bad thing. But then who would I drink White Zin Spritzers with while watching New Moon?

If accidentally dressing like twins means I get to have a great friend, I’ll take it. 🙂


0 thoughts on “Just Because:::Erica (Part 4):::Gainesville Artistic Portrait Photographer

  1. Annamarie Scharringhausen

    I love all of the photos. Wendy you have a very good eye for capturing your subject. Very nice.

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