Sexy Lexie and the “Fitty Mil”

So, I don’t usually blog twice in one day, because I feel it may be indicative of a rehab-requiring addiction to technology. However. I have good reason, so I’m giving myself a pass…this time.

Not only did I finally get my new 50mm lens, but the Lexster also got a haircut–her first in WAY too long. She was looking like a ragamuffin, and now hat all 3 days of Florida spring have turned into a sweat-inducing summer, I’m sure she has been shaking her paw at me and cursing her heavy coat every time we stepped outside. So, her fluffball days are over, and I’m proud to introduce the cute…the adorable…the too cool for school…Sexy Lexie!



You aren’t seeing things…

…my little lady has pink bows! She totally picked them out. I had nothing to do with it.

Photos shot with the new “fitty mil,” as my new 50mm lens shall from here on out be known as. If you can’t follow my sporadic use of gangsta-speak, get learned. 😉


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