Huntley Family:::Alachua Family Photographer

I want to be an adopted member of this family. Not only are the kids amazingly well-behaved and just adorable, but they also both own ponies. Seriously! How fun is that?? I loved spending time with this family, and I must admit…it warms my heart every time a kid calls me “Miss Wendy.” This time was especially cute, as Cole had this sweet little Southern accent, pronouncing my name “Mi-yuss Wen-day.” Absolutely precious. 🙂

Two things stood out for me during this shoot, besides just how much I miss being around horses.

First, Christy was so creative–she brought a chair, bench, wagon, potted flowers, and more for us to use in the shoot. Her attention to detail was wonderful, and her flexibility was great too. Right when we arrived at the location, she realized that the bag with hair accessories, shoes, and some clothes they needed had never made it into the car–and they live an hour away. While understandably disappointed, she immediately made it work, deciding everyone could just be barefoot in some photos instead, and just letting it slide that Codi wouldn’t have ribbons in her hair. This family just rolled with it and made it work…and I think everything turned out perfectly.

Second, I’ve decided every kid should own a pony. Why? Because I observed a maturity and obediance in these kids that is rare, and I’ll bet it’s because they are learning responsibility at a young age. About to walk behind a horse, Codi stopped the instant her mother spoke to her rather than stumbling into danger. Cole led his pony around like a pro, speaking quietly and moving slowly. He knew what he had to do, and he did it with a maturity far beyond his 5 years. Maybe kids know something adults don’t know when they ask for a pony. Seems like a good idea to me!! 🙂

Thanks for such a fun, adventurous afternoon, Huntley family! You were great.


0 thoughts on “Huntley Family:::Alachua Family Photographer

  1. Once_a_King

    WOW! I really love this shoot and . . .

    Number 2 should win you a prize someplace and Number 13 should get that little girl an advertising contract!

  2. steph

    wendy!!! when i grow up and have a family, you MUST promise me some photo shoots! these and the family after are just fantastic photos!!!

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