A Good Day for Photography

Today has been a good day for photography. Not because I’ve taken any photos, because I haven’t, and I probably won’t since my day will be consisting of work and then shopping and then wine drinking with Erica. But it’s still been a good day for photography for two reasons:

1. My new lens (50mm, 1.8) should be patiently waiting for me on my doorstep when I get home, in all it’s prime lens glory. Um, YAY!

2. I registered for my first photo workshop with one of my FAVORITE photographers, Courtney Fries!

I’ve been wanting to attend a photo workshop for awhile. For all you wonderful blog readers who aren’t photogs, here’s how a photo workshop typically works. They are 1-2 days long (Courtney’s is 1 day), and they cover basic photography topics, such as branding, running your own business, bringing in clients, and duh…photography itself! The leader goes over camera basics, as well leading attendees through planned photo shoots. Essentially, workshops tend to be geared towards beginner photographers who are working through all the aspects of starting their own business–i.e., people like ME!

So, I’m pretty much hyperventilating over how amazing this is going to be. Most workshops I’ve looked into take place out West, which means plane tickets must be bought, hotel rooms must be paid for, and days must be taken off of work. This workshop is a mere two hours from Gainesville, and it happens to be on a Saturday in August…major win!! My bank account isn’t crying and my PTO time won’t take a hit. Love love love!

Besides just being close to home and on a Saturday, I’m going to meet and learn from Courtney Fries. Courtney Fries!!! In the list of blogs I’ve saved as favorites (there are too many to count), Courtney’s is the second one I ever started following. I’ve been following her since right after my first shoot back in October, and I remember distinctly the feeling of elation and butterflies in my stomach as I looked at her photos and read through her blog. Here was a girl who was making photography happen–a fulltime job doing something she loved. On top of having a family and two adorable little girls no less! She was creating gorgeous images that I poured over for days, soaking in every detail and absorbing every piece of information in her blog. I wanted to know it all, see it all. And I loved it all. Every photo, every word typed from her heart.

I wanted to message her, ask her if she would grab coffee with me, let me pick her brain. Here was a fabulous photographer who lived so near…I should take advantage of that, right? I wish I had…but I was too scared. I was too insecure. I didn’t know what to ask, what I would say, or whether she would even have time to meet with me. And I thought I had lost my chance when she moved to Denver earlier this year.

But apparently I was supposed to meet Courtney at some point in my life, because now I get to attend a workshop she is holding back in Florida.

I. Can’t. Wait!

So, it’s a good day for photography. 🙂

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