Engaged:::Kelsi & Chris:::Gainesville Engagement Photographer

“My life is like a Jane Austen novel. I went off to Europe for a summer and came back ready to be married to the most amazing man I’ve ever known. Kind of like 1800s finishing school, except less lace…”

No, that wasn’t a quote from Kiera Knightley’s next movie. Those are Kelsi’s own words on her wedding blog–a beautiful description of the deep, true love she has for her fiance, Chris. But those lovely words pale in comparison to the look on her face when their eyes meet, the smile that dances across her face when she talks about her love for him. I got to spend a mere 2 hours with Kelsi and Chris, and I left the shoot with a warmth in my heart. A warmth that came from witnessing a rare depth of love between two people who were so obviously made for each other.

These two are precious. They are two of the kindest, sweetest, most loving people I have ever met, and I am so excited to have had the opportunity to document their love.

Get ready for some mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey-ness!

Oh, and you know it was going to be a good shoot when this was the first photo I shot. Um, yeah…LOVE! 


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