Baby Katherine:::Gainesville Baby Photographer

Mmm…babies. I love them–their cuddles, their sweet, powdery baby smell, their silky skin, their teeny-tiny fingernails. I also love handing them back to their mothers, as I am SO not ready for one of my own. 🙂 But that’s why photographing babies is so much fun for me…I get to spend an afternoon with the little cuties, capture their sweet baby smiles, and then head home to the only baby I’ll have for awhile–my puppy. Trust me, she’s enough baby for me to handle right now!

But this little one, baby Katherine. She smiled at me and it was all over. I just love her! Matt and Ann, I am officially offering myself up for a night of babysitting. 🙂 Go on a fun date, and I’ll hang with Katherine. Tell me when, and I’ll be there. She’s just the sweetest baby ever, and I would love to spend a night watching Baby Einstein with her.

This is Matt and Ann’s first baby (besides their own pup, Murdock!), and I can already tell they are going to be wonderful parents. The look on both of their faces as they smile down at their daughter, and the light in their eyes as they look at each other, let’s me know that they’ve got it. They’ve got love for each other and for Katherine, and that’s the makings of a wonderful new family.


0 thoughts on “Baby Katherine:::Gainesville Baby Photographer

  1. Jessica

    these are so gorgeous!! Your photography is getting better all the time! I mean, you were always good- I’m just saying I can tell you are improving. Yes, we should live closer. We could be crafty foxes together, and you could teach me how to take better photos for my blog 🙂

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