Photography Inspiration:::The Three Shoot Weekend:::Gainesville Lifestyle Photographer

Wow. I’ve got three shoots this weekend…and every one of them is going to be completely different! Love that…I get to capture love for a new baby in a newborn shoot, love between a couple in an engagement shoot, and the love between parents and children in a family shoot. That’s alot of love in the air, and I can’t wait to experience it all. Since I’m going to be switching gears so quickly throughout the weekend, I’ve been looking for some inspiration online, some pretty things and unique ideas to get my mind a-whirlin’ and my creativity a-flowin’. I love looking at other photographer’s work, because it gives me a glimpse into their head, an idea of how they think about a shoot. There is so much good photography out there, and it blows my mind that people keep coming up with new ideas, new poses, new locations. I think the only reason photography (or any art form) can continue to evolve and produce new ideas, is because every single photographer is different. Sure, we all use a camera, and we all have similar locations to work with. But no photographer thinks exactly the same way as another, which allows for the same shot or the same concept to be executed in completely different ways.

So, all that said, here are some photos that are getting me excited about my shoots this weekend. I admire each of these photographer’s for different reasons, and I am a loyal blog stalker for a couple of them. I hope these pictures make you smile like they did for me. 🙂 Happy Saturday!!!

Photo by Meg Perotti

Photo by Bloom, Grow, Love

by Blue Lily Photo

Photo by Jamie Delaine

Photo by Iris Creations Photography

Photo by Meg Perotti

by Blue Lily Photo

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