Just Because:::Erica (Part 2):::Gainesville Lifestyle Photographer

I told you she hearts vampires. Alot.

She’s also wayyy more creative than she gives herself credit for. Erica drew inspiration for this part of the shoot from a Twilight music video, and I love how she took the idea and made it her own. Love love loved her outfit, and the red lipstick just added that perfect amount of pop.

So, here’s a glimpe at Erica’s edgy side! (Even though she still looks sweet even when she is trying to look tough.) 🙂



0 thoughts on “Just Because:::Erica (Part 2):::Gainesville Lifestyle Photographer

    1. Lifestill Photography

      So weird!! I showed Erica, and she had no idea she was channeling Stevie Nicks lol. How cool!

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